Evil that Men Do is a series of free paranormal novels. Also known as a serialized novel. It begins with the first book, 'Heathens'. 

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Oh, by the way. If you haven't noticed, this is dark fiction. Consider this a trigger warning. Don't say I didn't warn you.


How far will people fall for their ambition?

The children of Havenbrook are missing and the only people left to turn to are two demon hunters, Dion and Apollo. They’ve come to help the small rural town and the traumatized citizens within. Their mission is simple, to investigate and put a stop to the recent outbreak of black magic and human sacrifice.

But things aren’t that easy.

Rituals, demons, and their own selfish desires stand in the way of the demon hunters as they battle against the leader of the black mass, Alestor and the prince of the hell pulling his strings with false promises.

Being the only people able to fight, it’s up to them to take the battle from Earth back into Hell.

Heathens is the first arc with much more to be planned. Each arc should be somewhat self-contained and be able to be read individually, but there will be occasional call backs so it's best to read from the start. I'll also be starting my own encyclopedia for the novel called 'The Corrux', look forward to that if you enjoy the lore.

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